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Our Idea: Helping people get the results they desire.

About Quitopia Vision


We believe in positive change.

Quitopia is your go-to self-improvement tool.  Quitopia is right at your fingertips and designed as a customized Mobile App, offering up Action Cards with prompts for betterment.

Short-term or long-term, each of us often faces daily and habitual challenges; sometimes we don’t even know how to break our own poor habits, let alone identify them.

Replacing bad stuff with good stuff can be fun, challenging, and rewarding,

Actionable alternatives, suggestions, prompts and cues are part of our mission in alleviating unwelcome routines.

You’re a treasure, let yourself shine & prosper in all aspects of your life.

Quitopia is a Mobile App dealing pragmatic wisdom.  We designed Quitopia to cordially empower individuals.  Meaningful progress is minute and gargantuan.  With this Free App, you have the power to use a tool to break unwanted habits once and for all. 

Whether you’re looking to break a habit, quit a long-term habit, start a new path, or initiate change, Quitopia’s actionable accessible prompt cards will be helpful on your journey.

We’re here to deliver.  Please get started.


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